Mohammed Hussein Suleiman Abu Salih

Professor of National Strategic Planning, Institute of Research and Strategic Studies - Omdurman University.
o Member of the advisory board - the Council of Ministers. 

Expert at the Technical Committee of the Council of Ministers. 

Member of the National Council for Strategic Planning - Sudan. 

Collaborative Expert – National strategic Planning Council - Sudan.

Member of the Drafting team of the Sudan National Strategy 2007 – 2030.

Member of the drafting team for the five-year plan for the period 2007-2011.

 Member of the Higher Committee of Khartoum, Capital of Arab Culture, 2005

Member of the Editorial Board of the Political Development Report - Council of Ministers.

President of the Sudanese Society for Strategic Sciences. 

Trainer and Trainer of trainers in the strategy and national security at local, regional &international level.

 Scientific Secretary and head department of leaders training center - higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies ( post graduate institute) - 2008-2009. 

Head of Research and studies Department, National Security Advisory board, Presidency of the Republic, 2009-2011

. Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs, higher Academy for Strategic and Security Strategies 2011-2014

Director of the Institute of Research and Strategy Studies, Omdurman Islamic University, 2014 - September 2015.

Head of the National strategic Report team , 2013.

He has written a number of books:

. National Strategic Planning "in both Arabic and English" it is the first comprehensive reference book in the strategic planning at the level of the states. 800 pages,considered 1as main reference in this elves in a large number of universities, published in Arabic and English .

. Strategic Management for media, published.

. Planning methodology in Islam

. Strategic Planning for International Relations, published.

. Strategic Planning in the Economy and Political and Social Sciences, published.